Installation For String Quartet was completed in 2005 and is still my favourite piece that I have written. It is an exploration of synchronisation created specifically for the Elysian Quartet, sadly now disbanded after the death of viola player Vince Sipprell. It was the final and most substantial part of my PhD and I used it as an opportunity to devise a work that fulfilled my own interest in people, music, film, photography and theatre but did not necessarily conform to any single performance tradition. The piece has two modes, the first is as an interactive photo and film installation, the second is a three movement performance. It is personalised to the quartet members, who appear in the photographs and on film.  The audience would interact with the installation before and after the performance, with the players arriving in the space for the 30 minute piece. Controlled by an exceptionally involved Max/MSP patch, it received 12 performances in the UK, France and Belgium and only crashed once!

The Installation

Part 1  

Part 2

Part 3