Whitney Museum of American Art

Nancarrow in NY

I'm delighted to report that I am co-curating a Conlon Nancarrow Festival at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York in June.  I've been working on some new arrangements for the event, with a solo marimba version of Study #5 to be premiered by Chris Froh, and a four-quartets-at-different-speeds-conducted-by-computers extravaganza to be played on multiple outdoor levels by the extraordinary Alarm Will Sound. Other guests include Saxsophonist Steve Coleman, Henry Kaiser, Lukas Ligeti and The Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation. More information about the event is available at the Whitney's website.

A MIDI representation of Nancarrow's Study #36. A canon in four parts with the tempo ratios of 17:18:19:20 (Image: Dominic Murcott)