So here is a birthday present to help you get your Irish music accompanying practice going. There are three sets of tunes, each of them has the band on one side and the piano on the other, so if you have headphones you can just listen to the band and play piano along, or just listen to the piano to work out the parts (they don't need to be exactly the same as mine).

The piano rules are:

Left hand plays root or 5th note of chord, always root when a chord changes

Right hand plays three note chord with as little movement between chords as possible

A D7 chord is a D chord with an added note C - this can be played as a four note chord or the 5th or root can be omitted from the right hand.

The parts are all played by Karen and myself, with the kids each playing on something - they introduce each pair to let you know. You can download the audio by clicking the button on the black bar, and download the chords by clicking on them then dragging them to your desktop.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - lots of love from us all XXXX