The Harmonic Canon began in 2013 with an idea by sculptor and musician Marcus Vergette who proposed that he create a large bell that was mobile and I create a piece of music for it. Using finite element analysis, a computerised method of predicting the vibrational properties of a theoretical object, the idea developed into a pair of bells, tuned a semi-tone apart to encourage the sonic interference or beating effect of two pitches close together.  Three years later the bell appeared and has been resident in the courtyard of Trinity Laban at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. After a period of research and development with the extraordinarily talented US based arx duo. Two twenty-one minute pieces for the bell and metal percussion emerged.


The piece won the 2018 BASCA British Composers Award in the solo or duo category

The piece was premiered at the 2017 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and will be released on nonclassical at Easter 2019. To coincide with the release the Harmonic Canon will be on tour ending with an official launch party at the amazing gallery space of the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Love Classical festival.


An extract of The Harmonic Canon performed by arx duo